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“You Made a Great Choice!” and “I Believe in You!” Oversized Greeting Cards

$ 9.95
Big messages merit big cards! The cards in this oversized combo pack sends a meaningful message.
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  • Tuck these special cards nearby so you are always ready to support your kids when they need it.
  • These cards deliver important confidence-building messages sure to boost the social and emotional learning support all kids crave.
  • One message tells kids you believe in them and urges them to believe in themselves, a critical ingredient in success. Card reads: I Believe in You! Believe in yourself.
  • The other message tells kids, "You made a great choice! You sure did." The message that is sure to inspire continued wise choices.
  • A personal note works easily inside the oversized format of these popular cards.
  • Bright yellow envelopes stand out in any mailbox, desk, or locker.
  • Sold in sets of 5 of each design, 10 - 5" x 7"cards and envelopes total