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“You know your child” Thank You Note Cards

$ 7.96
Make the connection between home and school, so strong collaborations and partnerships can form. These meaningful You Know Your Child Thank You Note Cards make it easy to connect.
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  • This special note card reads: Thank you. You know your child better than anyone. By helping me understand what you understand, we can begin to work together.
  • Sending this card shows respect for and fosters the special understandings and reinforcements that family members can bring to every student situation.
  • By acknowledging the efforts of the grown ups in the life of your students, you promote continuity and connection.
  • It's easy to deliver your message with this note card because it expresses the sentiment for you. Just add a personal comment or two.
  • Each set has 10 vibrant orange note cards that are blank inside with 10 envelopes.
  • Notice how carefully the words were chosen—this card works for all sorts of family units.
  • Perfect after conferences, phone calls, or to say thanks at any time.