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Words to Grow By Tote and Tools Teacher Gift Set

$ 69.95
This incredible teacher gift will grow on anyone who receives it! The set leads off with a colorful tote bag and comes with 24 different pieces to appeal to any teacher!

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  • The Wordle-like typographic tote bag displays some of the hottest literary phrases and reflects the main priorities of our nation's Common Core State Standards without ever using the words "common" or "core!"
  • A great way to help teachers "remember," the self-stick note set desk accessory of flags and notes contains 1,440 colorful flag reminders and 200 self-stick notes and contains a special teacher quote inside.
  • The four magnetic clips add to any classroom. The purple light bulb reads: New Big Ideas!, yellow star reads: Really Great Work!, red heart reads: Love This! and green house shape reads: Papers to Send Home!
  • The two sets of Rock, Paper, Scissors dice are a great learning game to end arguments! Let the dice decide.
  • Even when quenching thirst with this 16 oz. double wall acrylic plastic tumbler with matching colored straw, teachers are sending print-rich messages.
  • The 12 "Quote Note" cards work for educators—and from educators—are filled with six different quotations from Annie Sullivan to Confucius, and come with envelopes. Blank inside.
  • The snazzy 4-inch by 3-inch dry-erase clip is perfect for the classroom, too.
  • The Tangle® fidget puzzle gives a boost to anyone who learns more when their digits are busy.
  • Last, but surely not least, teachers can reinforce a love of reading with this heart-shaped stress ball that reads: "Love to Read."
  • This gift set is literally "beyond words!