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Words to Grow By Gift Set

$ 65.95
Based on one of the most popular Teacher Peach designs, this "Words to Grow By" gift set makes an amazing and special gift for anyone who teaches, writes, or simply loves literature!
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  • The "Words to Grow By" tote bag is an ideal size, measuring 20 inches wide x 12 inches high; it also zips closed.
  • The tote's design inspires with it's array of literary and Common Core words and phrases that are anything but common! Anyone familiar with standards, sound writing practices, and communication arts will recognize these terms at a glance.
  • The padded microfiber bright green luggage grip reads "Get a grip on IT". Velcro® holds the luggage grip identifier onto luggage tightly and securely.
  • The yellow "Tune IT out!" headphones do just that and feature a design that is defined by the geometry of the ear.
  • Engaging notes are easy to write to friends, family, and colleagues on the colorful Chat Bubble cards. This 12-pack comes with two of each design and 12 envelopes. Cards read: "What? No way!", "Feel Better", "Are you kidding?", "Really?", "I'm so sorry." & "Did I tell you?"—perfect responses for so many occasions.
  • The bright red cell phone card case makes it easy to carry important cards. With an adhesive 3M backing designed to diminish residue when removed, IT sticks to your phone and sports the clever saying, "IT's all in hand!"