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Tissue Box: Modern Color-Rich Desk

$ 14.95
Accessories DO make the desk! Spruce up any desk, countertop, or night table with this clever and colorful tissue box cover. Just pop this on top of any standard square box of tissues for a quick work space makeover.
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  • Accessorizing your space will be a breeze to achieve. With its oval shaped slot, rounded corners, and open bottom, this tissue box cover fits easily over standard, square tissue boxes.
  • Makes an efficient use of desk space with its 5.5-inch x 5.5-inch base and height.
  • This tissue box cover is made of molded white plastic and the striking graphic design is printed in bright teal and jet black inks to coordinate with a range of room décors.
  • The design even lets the white box color shine through to add dimension and spark.
  • This tissue box cover is sold individually and is also part of the Modern Color-Rich Desk Set, Jewel Tones, making the teal ink a perfect choice.