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The Jumbo Complex Text Magnifier

$ 4.95
A great navigation tool for struggling readers, the Jumbo Complex Text Magnifier makes it easy to decipher small or confusing text.
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  • This is a product that is both functional and stylish!
  • With a navy blue vinyl border, this cover sheet magnifier makes an excellent addition to reading centers.
  • It is the perfect size for traveling or storing.
  • With a 3x magnification, the magnifier works best when held by hand 2 to 3 inches from the page.
  • This product reads: "The Size of the Text Does not make it Complex!" This helps inspire and reassure a passion for reading.
  • It comes with a Teacher Peach pencil fitted snugly in the provided holder.
  • It is also perfect for core classrooms, small groups, special needs, and learning on the go!