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Teacher’s Desk Set 2

$ 36.95
Help teachers stay organized with this desk set that comes with five very special teacher tools and supplies.
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  • This set includes a set of four pocket folders, 1400 flags and self-stick notes, a red pocket journal, a tin of binder clips. and two retractable sharpies.
  • Keeping important information labeled and in order is important for a teacher. The set of four pocket folders read: School Information, Upcoming Events, Schedules and Memos, and Substitute Teacher, which includes a handy checklist so the sub, students, and teacher are all well prepared for an unexpected teacher absence.
  • There are a lot of things to remember in the course of a day. The leather-like cover on the ""Remember."" notes and flags set includes over 1400 flags and self-stick notes and stands out on any desk.
  • With a 3.5 inch wide x 6.5 tall inch pocket journal, teachers can capture important ideas on the go and enjoy the vibrant red color.
  • Every teacher needs clips. The round tin of binder clips holds 20 clamps and is labeled ""Attach.""
  • Top off the set with two amazing retractable and traditional blue and black Sharpie permanent markers. The retractable feature will prevent any missing lids.
  • Don't miss out on this deal! Although these items are sold separately, getting the kit would cost just under $34!