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TEACH. It Changes Everything. Sistema Soup Mug

$ 15.95
This "TEACH. It changes everything." soup mug literally goes hot AND cold with its dual-purpose design. From hot soup to a crisp cold salad, this mug-style bowl will swing with the seasons, making it easy to pack a cold or hot lunch option on any school day.
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  • You'll easily come up with endless lunchtime favorites to pack in this handy, BPA-free, to-go mug that fits perfectly in a lunch bag.
  • For lunchtime staples like chili, soup, or leftovers too good to waste, store it cold, heat it up, and enjoy.
  • This Sistema mug is even freezer safe! Just pop this container into the microwave, and a hot meal is ready. (Refer to heating directions on individual microwaves as heating guidelines vary.)
  • After lunch, you can put this mug right onto the top shelf of the dishwasher and it's ready for the next day's menu.
  • This 22-ounce mug seals tightly, features a steam vent for optimal reheating use, and measures 5.6 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide.
  • This soup mug will hold enough healthy food to give teachers the energy to keep making such an amazing difference to so many students!
  • Makes a fabulous teacher gift.