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Teach! Cell Phone Silicone Card Case (Assorted Colors)

$ 9.95
These cell phone card cases are the perfect tech addition to your tech arsenal; just peel off the backing and affix to most phone case surfaces to ensure you can carry just what you need to have "in hand."
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  • This teacher-focused card case fits important cards like an ID card, key card, credit card and even a bit of cash so teachers are always prepared.
  • Made of silicone material with a snap closure, this case does even more—unsnap the flap and this case becomes a horizontal stand. With just a glance, teachers can check schedules, online assignments, and more even during class.
  • This convenient cardholder adheres to the back of most phones and phone cases. The strong adhesive backing helps it stay in place and is designed to remove easily.
  • Measuring 2.25” x 3.5”, this case is a perfect way to present a gift card; just tuck the gift card inside! Makes a great stocking stuffer, too.
  • This card case will change any teacher’s day with its Teach! It changes everything message.
  • Comes in four spirited colors: black, blue, red and gray.
  • Pair this phone card case with the matching Teach! It changes everything Tote for a fantastic gift.