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Teach and Beach Terry Velour Towels (Assorted Colors)

$ 39.95
Oversized Teach and Beach towels are a winning combination for vacationing and stay-cationing teachers, alike! Choose from two different color combo sets of two amazing terry towels with a great message on each
Lime Green/Blue
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  • Either color combination makes a perfect gift for teachers on the go all year long.
  • One set is a bright blue and electric lime green towel combination and the other set comes in a rich black and bright red.
  • The black or blue towels read "Teach. It's worth every single ounce of effort."
  • The red or lime green towel reads "Beach. Savor every single ounce of sunshine."
  • Each set comes with two towels, one each in black and red or one each in royal blue and lime green.
  • Each towel measures 60 inches x 30 inches, big enough to wrap or spread out on the sand.
  • Buy both sets for enough towels to go around!
  • Let the teachers in your world know that you not only value their teaching achievements—you also want them to relax and refuel on the Beach!