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Stick'r Treat Mega Stickers Collection

$ 29.95
Colorful stickers for every classroom occasion come in this Deluxe Sheet 40 Pack.
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  • This pack is full of stickers, and makes a great gift for any teacher.
  • This sticker pack provides a sticker for eight different occasions: "The First 100 Days of School" "The Last Day of School" "Happy Birthday!" "I Care!" "Wow! Great Team!" "Bully Free Zone!" "I Did My BEST on the TEST!" "Wow! Bravo! Great Job!"
  • There are five sheets of each design that makes 75 stickers of each for a total of 600 stickers in this pack!
  • A great addition to a student's outfit and a boost to their day, each sticker is 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Keep these sticker sheets handy in a desk drawer or the inside pocket of a folder. Each sheet measures 5.5 inches in width x 8.5 inches in height.