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Stick'r Treat FabFive Stickers Collection

$ 9.95
Reach for a sticker when a student deserves some recognition. Choose from five options in the Double Sheet 10 Pack of classroom stickers.
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  • Give out stickers for many occasions and create smiles among many students.
  • This sticker pack provides a sticker for five different occasions: "I Care!" "Wow! Great Team!" "Bully Free Zone!" "I Did My BEST on the TEST!" "Wow! Bravo! Great Job!"
  • There are two sheets of each design that makes 30 stickers of each for a total of 150 stickers in this pack!
  • A great addition to a student's outfit and a boost to their day, each sticker is 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Keep these sticker sheets handy in a desk drawer or the inside pocket of a folder. Each sheet measures 5.5 inches in width x 8.5 inches in height.