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Stick'r Treat Best Test Stickers 5 Sheet Pack

$ 5.56
Students work hard to earn a good grade. Give out a Stick'r Treat to those who deserve it.
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  • Students need to know that their teacher is proud of their work. The green "I did my BEST on the TEST" stickers do just that. Give these stickers to students who have done well or stick them on graded tests.
  • Stickers are a fun and festive way to celebrate or acknowledge specific days of the year!
  • Each pack comes with five 5.5-inch x 8.5-inch sticker sheets. There are 15 kiss-cut stickers on each sheet, for a total of 75 stickers.
  • Look for our other sticker designs. Choose a sticker for eight different occasions: "The First 100 Days of School" "The Last Day of School" "I Care!" "Wow! Great Team!" "Bully Free Zone!" "Wow! Bravo! Great Job!"