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Second Grade Start-to-Finish Kit

$ 21.95
Plan ahead and purchase the Second Grade Start-To-Finish Kit. Start and end the school year with a thoughtful and comprehensive kit that will create excitement for your students and their families.
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  • Trying to think of a way to start the school year with less timid students? Say hello to your super second-graders with welcoming certificates to put a smile on their face. Sandwiching in a cheerful postcard would create a personal connection between teacher and student from the start.
  • Continue the enthusiasm all the way to summer! At the end of the school year, applaud your students with Moving-Up-to-Third-Grade congratulatory certificates and send them off with a bright postcard before they start another terrific year.
  • Each certificate and postcard comes in a set of 25 along with two permanent markers to use for the Fall and Summer.
  • This kit is the perfect way to start and end the year on a good note. Don't miss out on such a wonderful opportunity to connect with your students.