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Scents of Self Candle Set of 4

$ 24.95
Regain your “scents of self” with this aromatic candle set in 4 different scents.
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  • Arrange these candles on a decorative tray and burn the scents together or one at a time to match your mood. Each set comes with 4 different scents: Fresh Peach, Vanilla Orchid, White Tea Ginger, and Tropical Mango.
  • Each 5-inch pillar will burn for over 20 hours which means lots of time to relax.
  • By trimming the wick to a ¼-inch each time it’s lit, these candles will last even longer.
  • The calm flicker of candlelight in these fresh scents provides a tranquil way to wind down after school, making this set of 4 a brilliant gift for teachers.
  • One of these candles and many more gifts all designed to help teachers unwind and relax are part of the Once Upon A Box for HOME Teacher Gift Box.