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“Remember.” Flag and Self-Stick Note Set Desk Accessory

$ 12.95
A great way to help you "remember," this self-stick note set desk accessory of flags and notes contains 1,440 colorful flag reminders and 200 self-stick notes.
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  • The amazing teacher gift set contains 10 flags in different sizes and shapes, in 8 vibrant colors.
  • Top flap reads: "Remember. Remember. Remember." Type gets stronger with each repetition.
  • Lift the top flap up to find a special quote written just for teachers.
  • Quote reads: "I became a teacher to help children become their best selves. I will endeavor to help children every day. This I will remember."
  • Many teachers use different colored flags to signal different messages to students.
  • These flags are great student aids for close reading, writing revisions, and finding text evidence.
  • The leather-like finish and sleek design will spruce up any teacher's desk.
  • Make an organized statement and a great teacher gift.