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Quick Note Home Keep-A-Copy NCR Checklist Tablets

$ 12.95
Great teachers know how important it is to establish regular Home-School Connections that go beyond emails. These time-saving NCR "Quick Note Home" two-part notes tablets make this task easy to weave into teaching routines.

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  • These handy "Quick Note Home" Keep-A-Copy Checklist Tablets do most of the work to help teachers communicate with families on a regular basis.
  • In just a few seconds, teachers can quickly check boxes, send a message home, and even elicit a response, too.
  • The left side of the sheet is for the teacher to choose checkboxes to quickly communicate to families; families then use the right side to check a box or two with a response from home.
  • No-carbon-required (NCR) yellow second sheet provides a running record of the notes sent home.
  • Now it is easy to keep copies in student folders, follow-up folders, or send to the principal, reading specialist, or case worker.
  • These notes are great for teachers to quickly demonstrate the efforts they make to connect with the families of students.
  • Tuck in a piece of cardboard to ensure you can press hard without damaging the sheets below.
  • Combine these checklists with "Quick Note Home" Keep-A-Copy Lined Writing Tablets and "Oops! My Own Note Home" notes tablet to establish or augment a home-school communication strategy that's easy to maintain.
  • These tablets, sold in sets of two tablets with 25 sheets per tablet, are a great addition to any teacher's communication repertoire.