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Primarily Speaking Set

$ 65.95
Primary colors are the foundation for all other colors and this primary-colored gift set is the foundation for organization for any professional.
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  • Starting and ending the school or work day with all papers organized is easy with the bright royal blue portfolio case that has 13 pockets. This portfolio surely does help professional to "Keep IT together!"
  • The red headphones are unlike traditional, circular earbuds, with a design that is defined by the geometry of the ear. More comfortable for more people than many other earbud-style headphones, these headphones do help to "Tune IT out!"
  • The yellow cell phone card case that reads, "IT's all in hand!" adheres to the back of most phones and phone cases with strong 3M adhesive that's designed to reduce residue when removed.
  • The colorful sticky notes will help anyone "Stick to IT" and stay organized.
  • While designed for teachers and students, the slim format Action Pads keep anyone on schedule and help plan all sorts of ongoing projects at work, school, or home. Each pad has 25 sheets and measures 4.25" wide x 8.5" tall.