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Prepare-on-the-Go Gift Set

$ 74.95
For even the busiest teachers, this on-the-go gift set helps maximize every minute of the school day!
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  • This gift set comes with our top selling "I Teach." Tri-Tone Jumbo Tote, made of sophisticated black microfiber with elegant grey and white trim.
  • Our "Quick Notes Home" tablets help teachers quickly and effectively connect and communicate. The no-carbon-required (NCR) yellow second sheet provides a running record of the notes recorded.
  • With the "Quick Notes Home Checklist" tablets, teachers can check a few boxes and send important messages home in just seconds!
  • The "Quick Notes Home Lined" tablets are always great for personal and specific messages.
  • With "My Own Note Home, Oops!" tablets, busy teachers can delegate! Primary students become more accountable by completing their own reminders, while getting writing practice.
  • This clever 7-in-1 travel kit featuring a stapler, staples, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, hole punch, and tape dispenser helps keep teachers organized, even in the hallway.
  • "Every Teacher's Pocket Journal" is perfect for jotting down ideas, thoughts, and strategies anywhere!
  • A vivid set of five Sharpie" markers in red, orange, lime green, bright blue, and purple, reading "Teachers Only," ensures your teacher won't have to search for the perfect colored marker or tell students these permanent markers are for teachers only.