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Plastic Gallon Size Bravo Jar for Teachers

$ 15.95
Catch your students doing great work and put a colorful craft in the Bravo Jar every time. When it's full, reward the whole class for their effort..
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  • Fill the Bravo Jar up with a piece of dried macaroni, a bright pompom, or a marble everytime one of your students does a good deed.
  • Make it a daily goal for everyone in the class to push in their chairs, clean up the craft station, and be nice to each other.
  • This gallon-sized jar comes with a white plastic cap and a few ideas for how to use the jar with a message on the outside of it that reads: great work, macaroni, team work, marbles, pompoms, rewards.
  • Fill this jar with almost anything and change the reward every time it gets filled up. From an extra recess to a day without homework, keep the class engaged.
  • Each jar is made of recycled PET plastic and is 10 inches high.
  • Opportunities are unlimited with this Bravo Jar for teachers.