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Pink IT Bag Gift Set

$ 65.95
Pink is a power color and means awareness. This all-pink gift set gives teachers and other professionals the power of style, heightened awareness, and organization.
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  • The "IT's in the bag!" tote bag provides a lot of storage, measuring 15 inches wide x 13 inches high with a 4-inch gusset.
  • The pink headphones are unlike traditional, circular earbuds, with a design that is defined by the geometry of the ear. More comfortable for more people than many other earbud-style headphones, these earbuds really do help "Tune IT out!"
  • The pink microfiber luggage handle/identifier reads, "Get a grip on IT!" and measures 5 7/8" x 5 1/2. IT is easy to wrap around the handles of a computer bag, book bag, or suitcase; just join the Velcro® fasteners.
  • A case of colorful sticky notes with a clear message to "Stick to IT!" is perfect for reminders and tagging or flagging important information.
  • The set of 12 perfectly pink note cards are graphically inspiring, displaying four important words: Hope, Peace, Live, and Love. What more is there than Hope, Peace, Live, and Love? The set includes 3 of each design and 12 envelopes—sure to help any recipient keep priorities in focus.
  • So be "in the pink" with this pink-alicious collection of goodies.