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Perfectly Clear Tote Gift Set

$ 49.95
This ready-made office-on-the-go gift set is wonderful for teachers who know What You See Is What You've Got! The awesomely clear tote also helps make everything inside the tote "perfectly clear" and easy to find.
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  • Four retractable highlighters in vibrant fluorescent inks make messages and text evidence even clearer!
  • A portable 7-in-1 travel kit featuring a stapler, staples, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, hole punch, and tape dispenser will keep everyone organized.
  • The Connect&Correct red/blue flip pencil is a great dual-function tool: use blue lead to mark up complex text and red lead to grade homework.
  • The "Revise" pen-style eraser stick will clean up any additional errors!
  • "Connect." papers with the sleek 3-inch mini-stapler, and then secure with our "Papers to Send Home!" magnetic clip.
  • The "Push. Clip. Hold & Attach." case with 40 rubber bands, 15 binder clips, 100 paper clips, and 80 push pins , is portable and a great addition to any desk, drawer, or tote bag.
  • Business professionals love this clear gift, too—especially those who work in higher security settings!