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On-The-Move Tote and Gear

$ 69.95
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  • The family set includes a stress ball, fidget for digits, a cell phone card holder, a cosmetic bag, quote cards and a boo boo bag.
  • The stress ball and Fidget toy keeps teacher's children or young siblings occupied while they are grading papers or planning next week's lesson.
  • This cell phone card case provides a space to keep a little cash close at hand for when teachers are on the go and want to travel light.
  • The cosmetic case can be used for multiple things. It can be filled with Sharpie highlighters and other important utensils that are easy to see inside.
  • Safety always comes first. The Boo Boo bag comes to the rescue for unanticipated scrapes and bruises.
  • In need of some inspiration? Quote cards are handy for keeping fellow teachers inspired. Teachers can keep everything in the IT Tote Bag and be ready for the day.