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Moving-to-Third-Grade End-of-Year Certificates/Mini-Posters-25 pack

$ 8.95
Proudly tell second graders how ready you KNOW they are for third grade with this 25-pack of amazing end-of-year certificates!
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  • Acknowledge the end of the year by handing out these certificates and mini-posters to each of your students at the end of the year.
  • The front of the certificate is easy to complete with each student's name and your signature and date, making it feel quite official!
  • The mini-poster on the reverse side is full of activities that your soon-to-be third graders can do over the summer. They'll feel more ready and more confident about making the official transition to third grade once summer is over.
  • Students can hang the mini-poster on the fridge or in their room for quick over-the-summer reminders.
  • Certificates take permanent marker easily and fit easily in a folder for the bus ride home measuring 8.5 inches x 11 inches.
  • Check out these certificates in our Moving-to-Third-Grade End-of-Year Kit that includes postcards and a permanent marker!
  • The end of one year is the beginning of another. These certificates signify that important time.