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Modern Color-Rich 5-Piece Desk Set, Jewel Tones

$ 49.95
Spruce up your entire work area with this gem of a jewel-toned five-piece desk set. You'll quickly transform any work area with this richly jewel-toned and functional five-piece desk set of stapler, tape dispenser, pen and pencil cup, supplies tray, and white tissue box!
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  • You'll love the range of jewel-tone colors in this set: bright cyan blue stapler, grass green tape dispenser, bright purple supply tray, hot pink pen and pencil cup, and white tissue box cover in teal and black inks make a jewel of a statement!
  • The stapler takes regular-sized staples and opens to allow for flat tacking onto bulletin boards.
  • With the weighted tape dispenser that features a non-slip base, it's easy to tear off a strip of any standard-sized tape, even one-handed.
  • The durable supply tray has two smaller sections to hold paper clips, push pins, and more, while the larger one is just the right size for a block of sticky notes or index cards.
  • With its oval shaped slot, rounded corners, and open bottom, this tissue box cover fits easily over standard, square tissue boxes.
  • Stay organized with the roomy cup that holds all sorts of writing implements, scissors, letter opener, stylus, and more.
  • Items are made of durable molded plastic and the crisp graphic design lets product colors shine through.
  • (Staples and tape not included.)
  • Each item in this set is also sold individually.
  • Teachers, designers, crafters, and other creatives will adore this quick desk makeover! Jazz up any work area, kitchen, school desk, and crafter's station with this attractive 5-piece desk set!