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It Only Takes One Word Two-Way Note Cards

$ 12.95
In this note card set, less is definitely more. When a note card showcases the right word, it only takes one. These notes cards do just that.
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  • On the outside, each note card expresses one of these four single words: "Thanks," "Sorry," "Kudos," or "Bravo."
  • In addition to the text, a bold graphic shape reinforces the card's intent.
  • This clever design is a "two-way" design, allowing the sender to use these cards in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, depending upon preference.
  • Cards measure 4.25" wide/high x 5.5" high/wide and come with envelopes.
  • Each card is blank on the inside.
  • The set contains 12 cards, three of each of the four different designs.
  • These simple cards say it all; keep them handy—you'll find yourself reaching for them.
  • Give these "two-way" note cards as gifts as you'll probably find yourself receiving them! Either way, it's a win!