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Investi-TEXTS KIT!

$ 12.76
This useful and clever Investi-TEXTS KIT will inspire even the most resistant reader to tackle complex texts!
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  • Seven tools give students a fun way to highlight, underline, mark, revise, read closely, write about, read for details and dig back into richly complex texts to cite evidence and to support arguments, a key aspect of the CCSS.
  • The retractable highlighter and #2 lead pencil reinforces text clues.
  • Retractable eraser stick reminds kids that it's important to revise work
  • The right-sized magnifying glass will help kids focus in on key areas of the text.
  • Includes sticky flags to mark key evidence and passages from the text.
  • Bookmark-magnifier reinforces that the size of the text doesn't make it complex.
  • Two-sided blue and red colored pencil helps students "Connect & Correct" their work.
  • The kit also comes with a 12-page booklet that is filled with tips and strategies for kids to use to become "Text Investigators!"
  • Comes in blue, black, or red
  • Choose just one or a set of six!