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Homework Communication Sticky Notes, Set of 2

$ 9.95
It’s easy for teachers to ensure the right homework get to the right students while they're absent from school with these handy homework communication sticky notes.
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  • When teachers need to stop and prepare physical homework for absent students, these sticky notes make this extra task faster and more accurate.
  • Each sticky note has ample space to jot a quick note about assignments and events in 6 subject areas and categories. There’s also room to write the absent student’s name as well as the intended delivery/pick-up method to minimize front-office confusion.
  • This set includes two 4” x 6” 25-page pads, 50 sticky sheets total.
  • Check out the companion Homework Communication Notepad Set and the Feel Better Soon Postcards, both part of the Homework Communication System for Absences, too.