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Homework Communication Notepad Set of 2

$ 9.95
Absent students stay caught up with this homework communication notepad set. It’s easy for teachers to prepare work for students and include necessary materials.
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  • Whether it's 2 days or more than a week, it's important for students to stay on track with day-to-day assignments while they are out of school. While everyone relies on email and school websites, teachers know that more times than desired, work must be physically assembled for students for longer-term absences and for those situations where students cannot access online materials.
  • With 2 pads of 25 sheets each, these Homework Communication Notepads are ideal tools to help teachers to keep students out for longer-term absences on track with the rest of class.
  • Each 8 3/8” x 10 5/8” notepad sheet has enough room for teachers to write in short notes and assignments for up to 6 different subjects.
  • The top of each sheet makes it clear who is receiving these assignments and leaves room to write who is delivering these assignments to the absent student.
  • It’s simple to staple handouts and worksheets to this cover sheet and leave the packet in the busy school office for timely delivery without confusion.
  • This handy notepad set is perfect for teachers to help keep everyone organized and on track.
  • Check out the companion Homework Communication Sticky Note Set for short-term absences and the Feel Better Soon! Companion postcard sets, too.