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Homework Communication for Absences Sample Pack

$ 12.95
Both students and teachers benefit with this easy three-pronged system for sending physical homework assignments to absent students.
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  • When a teacher simply wants to cheer up an absent student, sending home a Feel Better Soon! postcard does the trick. This sample pack includes 25 6" x 4" postcards that teachers can opt to personalize with a student's name. Blank reverse sides are easy to address or have the class sign.
  • When family members are swinging by school or homework is going home with another student, a Here’s The Latest sticky note is a quick way for teachers to jot down a brief explanation and ensure the right assignment gets to the right student in the busy front office. Each of the 25 sheets in this sticky pad even has a quick check box to indicate how the packet is getting to the absent student.
  • When students must miss school for longer-term absences, both planned and unexpected, teachers can delve into assignments more specifically with the 8 3/8" x 10 5/8" inch 25-page notepad. There’s ample space to write explanations by subject, note page and problem numbers, and include reminders about special upcoming school events.
  • While the 25 postcards, 25 stickies, and 25 notepad sheets in this sample pack each serve a different homework communication circumstance, the consistent graphics tie this system together, making it easy for students, families, and office staff to recognize that homework communication is en route.
  • While email and online assignments are often today’s default, for the many occasions when physical assignments and materials need to get to absent students, this sample pack is an economical way for teachers to give this system a robust test run.