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Holiday Homework Positive Postcard Pack of 50

$ 7.96
This Special Edition of Holiday Homework Positive Postcards sends your students off on winter break with the right priorities and captures the truest lessons of the season!
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  • This colorful and creative Positive Postcard pack of (50) 6”x4” postcards makes an easy and effective student handout for teachers to share just before winter break.
  • Each card features a colorful, winter-inspired design with a meaningful “homework” checklist that highlights important ways to help students wisely prioritize during this holiday season.
  • There’s space at the bottom for teachers to personally sign, yet these cards also work with no signature at all.
  • Tuck a postcard into each take-home folder or use the blank reverse side for an address and postage. Ether way, sending these cards home sends a great holiday message to students and their family.
  • Make the holidays more meaningful for everyone with these high-priority checklist postcards—a great way for students of all ages to keep everything in check!