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Happy Birthday Kit

$ 16.95
This clever Happy Birthday Kit makes birthdays at home and in school exciting, entertaining, easy and economical!
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  • As schools and birthday parties honor allergy issues and shift to food-free birthday celebrations, your customers can add a dash of spark with the perfect ingredients in this Happy Birthday Kit.
  • Ideal for decorating birthday gifts and treating celebrants to a special party “award, this kit comes with 25 certificates, 30 stickers, and 25 postcards. The Sharpie® marker makes it easy to personalize.
  • The 8.5” x 11” certificate even has a keepsake poster on the back.
  • The “Why is your birthday a GREAT DAY?” feature captures what’s special about this special day.
  • The two sheets of 15 1.5” stickers make perfect birthday gift toppers.
  • The sticker makes it easy to affix the coordinating 4” x 6” postcard birthday card to any gift.
  • Teachers also love this kit, ideal for making the school day special—from start to finish. From presenting the certificate in front of the class, adding a sticker to the celebrant’s shirt, and popping a postcard into the take-home folder, teachers can easily enhance each student’s special day.