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Gear-in-the-Clear Loaded Backpack Gift Set

$ 49.95
This gift set is perfect for every student and teacher in your life. With this backpack, ensure their “gear is in the clear” at their next security checkpoint.
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  • The “Love to Write” pencil-shaped stress ball displays the sentiment perfectly.
  • 7-in-1 travel kit features a stapler, staples, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, hole punch, and tape dispenser to help anyone stay organized.
  • Connect&Correct red/blue flip pencil is perfect for complex text and to self-correct! It’s also a great homework grading tool.
  • “Stuck?” pencil sends everyone the right reminder—go back into the text for clues!
  • “Write” with the bright and colorful mechanical pencil, then “Revise” with the pen-style eraser with rubber grip.
  • This tin of “Attach” colorful binder clips helps everyone enhance executive functioning skills—even teachers!