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Face the Week Face Cloth Set

$ 8.95
This set of 7 colorful face cloths helps make your end-of-day routine that much easier—every day of the week!
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  • Each set comes with 7 convenient-sized face cloths, each in a different color.
  • These face cloths are cleverly packaged and sure to brighten up any bathroom when popped in a basket. They’re also easy to toss into a travel bag, cosmetic case, gym bag, or purse.
  • Each 9.5-inch square cloth is machine washable. Seven one-a-day cloths make it easy to hold off on this laundry till the end of the week, too.
  • You’ll also find one of these colorful cloths in the Once Upon A Box for HOME Teacher Gift Box, which is filled with awesome goodies all designed to help you relax at home after a long day at school!