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Organizer Notepad, To Do List

$ 6.95
This to-do list is the right micro step to map out exactly what needs to be done first—and next—right after planning the macro month and week.
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  • Get ready for each day by listing out the day’s actions. This 8 3/8” x 10 5/8" notepad provides plenty of room for even the most eventful schedule.
  • Color progression helps delineate each task on this notepad with its baker’s dozen of lines.
  • Draw a line down the middle to jot down every mini action step.
  • Check boxes line the left side so teachers, students, and professionals can easily capture that feeling of accomplishment as soon as each task is complete.
  • There’s ample room to write the date or label the list for a specific project or person.
  • Each tablet comes with 25 full-color sheets. Sheets can be three-hole punched for convenience.
  • The Executive Functioning Planning Notepads Set contains three different macro-to-micro planning notepads, including this to-do list notepad. Save when you purchase the full set of 3.