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Organizer Notepad Set, To Do List and Project Planner

$ 12.95
This slim Action Pad duo is all about mastering executive functioning skills at the micro “to-do list” level up to the more macro “project” level.
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  • These slim Action Pads are easy to use in group meetings and planning sessions as well as during commuting and study time.
  • These notepads work hand-in-hand as a powerful duo to focus at a specific project level and then combine all actions for a given day into one to-do list.
  • Rainbow coloring on this to-do list notepad visually separates tasks; checkboxes provide a feeling of accomplishment.
  • The "project!" Action Pad breaks projects into smart priorities to help with focusing—description, 3 results, first 5 steps, and materials and resources help zero in on the right steps to success.
  • Each action pad has 25 tear-off sheets and measures 4 3/16” x 10 5/8”. Each slips easily into a binder and sheets can be three-hole punched for convenience.
  • This Action Pad duo is an outstanding executive functioning tool for middle school to high school students as well as professionals.
  • Save when you purchase the full set of four Action Pads: to-do list, project!, my week, and ideas.