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Executive Functioning Write-On/Wipe-Off Boards, Set of 3

$ 14.95
Stay organized with this set of executive functioning magnetic dry erase write-on/wipe-off boards in three different layouts—ideal for school lockers and refrigerators.
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  • Schedules change constantly so these write-on/wipe-off boards make it easy to stay on top of it all.
  • These dry erase boards help families, students, teachers, and other professionals create monthly plans, make weekly schedules, and dig into the details with daily to-do lists.
  • The wipe-off, dry erase pen makes it easy to make changes in a flash.
  • The macro-to-micro planning strategy is a powerful executive functioning skill.
  • Each whiteboard includes it’s own clip-on dry erase marker in a standard size that’s easy to replace.
  • These 8.25” x 10.7” boards fit inside most school lockers, too.
  • The two magnetic squares make it easy to attach to mot metal surfaces.
  • This set makes an amazing gift for anyone that wants to get organized. It’s perfect for college freshman and anyone going back to school.