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Positive Postcards: Did You Know?

$ 9.95
This “Did You Know?” postcard makes it easy to share great accomplishments with families and teams to let everyone know about a student’s successes with the quick check of a box.
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  • Send this postcard home to be sure families know what their student did well—and that you noticed.
  • This easy-to-use card says it all. Simply write in the student’s name, check off the appropriate boxes, and finish it with a short note and your signature.
  • There’s even more room on the back to further personalize this 6” x 4” card and send it home to keep families in the loop.
  • Each set comes with 2 shrink-wrapped packs of 25 cards.
  • These postcards are an excellent tool for families, teachers, principals, school counselors and therapists, too.