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Decide. Dice Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice Game

$ 9.95
Rock, Paper, Scissors dice are a great learning game to end arguments! Let the dice decide.
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  • “Rock, Paper, Scissors” has long been used to decide who goes first.
  • This can be a fast way to settle classroom disputes, too.
  • Avoid the last-minute switches little fingers often try to make!
  • Two oversized wooden dice come in a cotton drawstring bag.
  • Students suggest this method to work things out independently, too, so keep them in a convenient place.
  • A terrific teacher gift for any time of year.
  • This clever strategy works for pre-school, primary-grade classrooms, and grown-ups, too!
  • You’ll love this so much you’ll want to keep a spare for your pocket for recess.
  • Makes a great gift, too. Your peers will definitely want one!