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Cool Teacher Pocket Folders: School Information

$ 34.95
Easily reference information about recess duty, bus duty, safety rules and more with these practical and colorful folders.
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  • A perfect gift for your whole staff, this pack of 25 folders keeps everyone on the same page so you can work together for a successful year.
  • Save all school information from the start of the year to refer to quickly all year long.
  • Teachers are able to make notes by using the writing space on each side of the inside pockets.
  • Examples of school information topics are hinted at with the colorful arrangement of words that covers each folder.
  • Shiny coating makes it both attractive and durable.
  • Check out the other 25-pack versions of pocket folders for more ways to get organized! Cool Teacher Pocket Folders come in "Schedules and Memos" and "Upcoming Events" versions.