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Common Core State Standards Kit for Success

$ 24.95
The Common Core State Standards Kit For Success (CCSS) will support teachers and principals in their quest to implement reading and ELA common core, math common core, and support science common core content and social studies common core content.
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  • The CCSS Playbook for Success! is the anchor piece, an 80-page full-color playbook that takes you through a great customized process. Incorporate these complex standards-your way.
  • This playbook takes you through an entire school year, yet you can begin your process anytime!
  • The Team Meetings Pocket Folder helps you prep for team meetings. It also sends a strong message about your commitment to this important work.
  • The Team Meetings Notes Tablet will house all of your notes, process sketches, and follow-up actions.
  • Self-stick flags and an erasable highlighter help you do your research.
  • The CCSS To-Do List keeps you focused in the middle of your busiest days.
  • Self-stick process arrows help you plan (and revise!) your milestones.
  • The ballpoint pen and button are great reminders of your progress.
  • The kit also comes with Tools and Templates you can download.