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CLIP-idy-TWO-dah! Magnetic Clip Set 2

$ 9.95
Teacher's loved our first clip set so much, we made a second one! There are many uses for the CLIP-idy-TWO-dah! Magnetic Clip Set in the classroom.
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  • Keep your class list handy with this red little person figure that reads, "My Class List!"
  • Ideal for reading groups, bundling readers, running records, and other group materials, this translucent square shape with four colored sticky notes reads, "Today's Small Group Priorities!" Use the sticky note pad to mark pages, passages, and words.
  • Important issues won't get lost with this orange square shape clip that reads ,"Hot School Issues!"
  • Need a hall pass? Reach for the blue little person figure that reads, "Hall Passes!"
  • Clipped bundles are always within reach because of each clip's magnetic backing in this set of four.
  • Check out CLIP-idy-do-dah! Set 1 with four more amazing clips.
  • An item that can be used everyday, this Clip Set makes a great teacher gift.