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Teacher Peach Bravo Cards

$ 9.95
A little applause goes a long way. These mini cards reward students with big BRAVO messages!
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  • Bravo Cards acknowledge students' accomplishments with easy-to-act-upon BRAVOs whenever you encounter your students doing the right things—right.
  • Eight different messages include: Homework Pass, Bravo, Nice Try, Terrific Teamwork, Great Listening, and more!
  • Keep these cards in your top drawer or sweater pocket to catch your students doing something right every time.
  • These are a motivator for students and make a great teacher-to-teacher gift.
  • These cards are ideal for primary and intermediate grades.
  • Families love these cards too. Hide one in your child's lunch bag for a pleasant surprise. They fit anywhere at 3.5 inches in length x 2.5 inches in height.
  • Give out these terrific cards throughout the whole year. Each pack comes with two sets of 24 cards. Each set contains 3 copies of eight different messages.
  • Thanks to durable laminated coating, these timeless messages can even be recycled.
  • Use these cards as part of your classroom's positive behavior reinforcement program or integrate them into your school-wide PBIS program.
  • Expand your whole-class PBIS reward system with the companion Bravo product, our Bravo Jar.