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Back-to-School Postcards in Cursive-Style Script for Intermediate Grades

$ 9.95
Start the year off with confidence for Intermediate-grade students. Mail out these welcoming postcards right before the year starts.
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  • Jumpstart a great school year by sending out these cursive-style postcards to your new class.
  • Let your incoming students know that you're looking forward to getting to know them. The cursive text provides a short note that tells each student you can't wait for the year to start.
  • It will take only a moment to fill in the student's name and your name and affix an address label and stamp to the blank backside.
  • Cards are a pleasant surprise for student's to receive in the mail and to hang on the fridge in the days leading up to the first day of school. Each card measures 6 inches x 4 inches.
  • There's enough cards for two years or to split with a fellow teacher. Each set comes with 50 postcards divided into two sets of 25.