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Alphabetically Speaking Laptop Case with Zippered Closure

$ 22.95
Everyone uses the 26 letters of the alphabet. Display them graphically AND alphabetically on this protective laptop case with zipper, designed to hold any laptop in style with its typographic design of the alphabet.
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  • This case will inspire you to tap the keys of all the letters from A to Z with its great design.
  • Protective water-resistant neoprene material helps shield your laptop from scratches and dents while you travel from home to school.
  • A zippered closure makes it easy for you to slide your laptop in and out of the case.
  • This design comes in two sizes, to fit both popular laptop sizes—pick the "type" that's right for you.
  • Compatible with most 13.3" display laptops, the smaller case measures 13.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches tall - $22.95
  • Compatible with most 15.6" display laptops, the larger case measures 14.5 inches wide x 11.25 inches tall - $22.95
  • This design is also available on a tote bag and a journal notebook—ideal ways to complete any ensemble in alphabetical order.
  • You'll make a sharp statement with this design in a sophisticated muted palette of white, cream, and rich grays.
  • With this laptop case, it's as easy as A, B, C to carry your laptop.