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AH-CHOO TEACH-CHOO Tissue Box: Modern Color-Rich Desk

$ 14.95
"Got an AH-CHOO? Take a TEACH-CHOO!" As those who "teach you" every day, this is one tissue box cover that teachers enjoy! Students love this novel play on words, too.
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  • Designed to coordinate with other items in the Modern Color-Rich Desk Set, Primary Colors, this tissue box cover says it all.
  • Perk up your desk with the sparkly-style design, printed in bright green and purple to complement the other primary colors in this set.
  • With its oval shaped slot, rounded corners, and open bottom, this tissue box cover fits easily over standard, square tissue boxes.
  • Makes an efficient use of any teacher's desk space with its 5.5-inch x 5.5-inch base and height.
  • Sold individually an as part of Modern Color-Rich 5-Piece Desk Set, Primary Colors.
  • Ideal for student work centers like writing or art, this tissue box cover is made of molded white plastic and wipes clean.
  • With this tissue box cover, the "sneeze" never stands alone! Everyone will reach for a "TEACH-YOU!"