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A-to-Z! Alphabet Sentiment Stickers, Set of 5

$ 19.95
T is for Terrific when it comes to these high-gloss A-to-Z alphabet sentiment stickers! It’s easy to find endless uses for these great messages—from pre-reading activities and reward stickers to letter-of-the-day activities and envelope seals.
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  • These alphabetically ordered sentiment stickers are versatile tools for teachers, tutors, therapists, and families.
  • Created for all professionals who work with children, each sticker features a word that evokes positivity and promotes learning: A is for Amazing! B is for Best! C is for Care!
  • This sticker collection comes with a total of 130 2-inch circle stickers, 5 sets of the 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • These bright and powerful stickers stand out wherever they are placed.
  • With a UV gloss coating that provides a wonderful shine and makes them more durable, these stickers look as terrific on students' shirts as they do on top of graded assignments or as part of a bulletin board display.
  • Pediatricians and speech therapists will want to keep these stickers handy so patients can choose stickers with the first letters of their names or that capture how they are feeling that day.
  • Great for icebreakers in small group settings, too.
  • Last, but not least, these stickers are also a fun and creative way to seal envelopes and top gifts.
  • Check out the companion greeting cards in the A-to-Z Greeting Card and Sticker Kit, too!