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A Note from the Teacher Starter Kit

$ 14.95
This card organizer Starter Kit comes with your first Subscription order, and you can purchase another for home or school to keep cards handy where ever you are.

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  • This Card Organizer Starter Kit includes a translucent tote box with a handle. Standard sized cards and postcards fit perfectly inside.
  • The tote box comes filled with a colorful array of 6 custom dividers to make organizing cards for different occasions quick and easy.
  • Six fine-point markers, and a ball point pen allow you to customize your notes and dividers YOUR way.
  • A year of monthly A Note From The Teacher packages yields an abundance of cards. The Starter Kit includes 16 DIY labels to keep things in the right order so it's easy to reach for a specific card.
  • Each Start Kit also comes with a collectible magnet. Find more magnets in the collection on other Teacher Peach products.
  • Receive this entire Starter Kit FREE with the first box of the A Note From The Teacher subscription. Ensure your monthly card delivery is off to the right start.