Featured in the YOU Journal: Teacher Peach Seeds

Graphic Designer Digs Deep to Plant Seeds for Classroom Confidence

November 2, 2016

Tina Johansson

     Develops Not-for-Profit

by Tina Johansson

Randi Brill of Glencoe thinks teachers are the peach.

A graphic designer, who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Brill credits “amazing teachers” that helped motivate her. In fact, she calls them “great connectors” that link students with the ultimate goal of success.

Having keen business sense (at age 25 she started her first company), Brill decided to put aside design, to focus on the people that have touched nearly everyone’s lives: Teachers.

Brill’s company, Teacher Peach, which she started in 2012, sells unique products online designed to inspire student confidence and help create a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Other products serve as great gifts for teachers that parents or caregivers can give to acknowledge educators for their hard work and commitment, just in time for the holidays.

The venture has been a peach in itself, but Brill didn’t want to stop there. Recently she introduced her second phase of the peach project: Teacher Peach Seeds, a not-for-profit foundation that gives back to help teachers even more.

The plan for the not-for-profit is to contribute 10 percent of all product profits to fund teacher “seed money” grants, and Teacher Peach products for projects that help students succeed.

“Kids who possess the confidence to believe they can achieve something, stand a far better chance of doing so than those who lack it, which is why our teacher grants will focus solely on providing peach ‘seed’ money for smaller projects and initiatives that are designed to help students blossom,” said Brill.

Randi Brill

Several charitable sources are currently working with Brill to contribute to Teacher Peach Seeds as well.

The company’s educational experts bring more than 30 years of industry experience to the development of their products, making teacher gift giving simple and worry-free.

The company offers teachers discount programs in which they receive year round discounts on classroom products. In fact, members receive a 40 percent discount on all classroom products on their first purchase. Teachers then save 20 percent off all classroom products every day. There are also opportunities to win products.

Among the student products that teachers give are specialized pencils, certificates, stickers, posters, desk accessories and many more.

Teacher gifts include necessities like colorful neoprene lunch bags, fashionable laptop cases, and snazzy food containers.

Teacher Peach has been helpful since many educators find they are spending more and more of their own money to purchase classroom materials from glue sticks to paper towels.

“Research indicates that in additional to whatever school budgets and supplies teachers received, the average teacher spends upwards of $500 of personal income in an average school year on classroom products and supplies that they believe will help them be more effective teachers. The figure has topped $1.6 billion annually in recent years,” said Brill.

For more information visit www.teacherpeachseeds.org.