News Release: Modern Luxury - Peachy Keen

Modern Luxury - Peachy Keen

By Wendy Altshuler


Glencoe's Randi Brill, who got her start in educational publishing and then spent her career making products that help kids learn and teachers teach, is aware of the contrast between Glencoe's District 35 school system–which is able to provide materials and products for teachers and students–and many other districts that have challenges. 

"Having the privilege of living in Glencoe shapes my work at Teacher Peach (," says Brill. "We strive to understand, support and give back to teachers–all over the country." That's part of the reason why she just launched a new nonprofit initiative called Teacher Peach Seeds (, which provides, yes, seed money for teachers who have a great idea. It springs from her main business, Teacher Peach, a source for quality reward and recognition products that can be given as teachers' gifts or purchased by parents to assist teachers in the classroom.

One example of a beloved product is Quick Notes Home, which Brill and two Glencoe teachers refined over coffee. It gives teachers an easy and positive way to check in with parents and vice versa.

"I have the privilege of creating products designed to give kids the confidence to take learning risks and to give teachers the recognition they deserve fro the amazing work they do in the classrooms every day," says Brill. "I plan to continue to hang out in this amazing orchard!"


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